A genius fan created this Back to the Future prequel thriller

Doc Brown goes deep undercover


Looking back at the original Back to the Future, one element now seems a bit dicey – the Libyan terrorists from whom Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) secured the plutonium needed to power his time machine with 1.21 gigawatts of electricity.


How did a mild-mannered scientist come into contact with such people? How did he fool them with a fake bomb? And what were the dangers he faced when enlisting them?

Luckily some answers to these questions are now being explored in a new fan-made trailer, which splices Back to the Future together with footage from Iron Man, Argo, Dennis the Menace, Camp Nowhere and many other films to imagine a prequel thriller (called 1.21 Gigawatts) set during the wild days of Brown’s dealings with terrorists.


It’s all very impressive, though we should point out one inaccuracy in editor Tyler Hopkins’ work – we’re not sure if you can call this film a prequel considering it’s set both before and after the original film’s 1985 and 1955 setting. We’re going to call it a presequel instead.