A brutally honest look at the 2016 Oscar nominees

Is Leonardo DiCaprio about to grunt his way to an award?


With the Oscars fast approaching this weekend, you might be feeling a little guilty about not having time to watch the top nominees this year. Who has the spare hours to watch 8 best picture nominees, not to mention all the other categories? It’s a wonder you squeezed Star Wars in on a crowded Friday Night screening, and it’s hard to summon up the same enthusiasm for films about injury, child abuse and kidnapping.


But if you still want to tune into the ceremony a bit more clued up, the Honest trailers team have it covered. Every Best Picture nominee is brutally summed up here, whether it’s the grunting awards-bait of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, the oddly downbeat comedy of The Martian or the non-stop confusion of The Big Short.

As for Brooklyn…well, even they didn’t have time to see Brooklyn. Eh, you can always catch it on DVD.


The 88th Annual Academy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 28th February