80s TV stars sing Frozen’s Let It Go

Yes, it's another Frozen cover.



When it comes to Let It Go, the oh-so-catchy hit song from Disney film Frozen, we’ve had all sorts of parodies, mash-ups and remakes…

And eight months after the film first hit cinemas, they are still coming out of the woodwork. 

This new one, though, is a bit different. Because it sees the likes of Jessica Fletcher, JR Ewing and Captain Jean-Luc Picard get involved. 

Yep, 80s TV stars, from Cheers, Dallas, Star Trek and Dynasty to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the ThunderCats, are all letting it go, Elsa-style.

It might not appeal to the film’s target audience, who probably couldn’t name any of the famous faces in this clip, but it’s sure to please those older Frozen fans out there. 


Note: this isn’t the smoothest of songs, so we wouldn’t recommend you trying to sing along with this version. Trust us, we’ve tried.