8 films that traumatised 90s kids

Sure, you may be a reasonably functional adult, but any issues you do have you blame on your parents. And more specifically, you blame the films they let you watch as a child. And quite rightly so...



You almost stopped watching films after this. Seeing tiny cute Simba’s face as his dad was swept away in the stampede has scarred you for life.

You had nightmares about being thrown into that torture chamber, and started to be a bit suspicious of your own teachers. You’d never hated anyone like you hated Mrs Trunchbull.


“We made it! We made it, mother!” Except they didn’t. This was the first time you realised how cruel the world can be, and you also developed a minor obsession with baby deers.


“Papa! Don’t you remember me? It’s Sarah!” As her father failed to recognise her after all those years and she got hauled away by the police, your sleeve was all soggy from your tears and you vowed to never let your parents out of your sight.


“You may remove your shoes! You may remove your wigs!” When the Grand High Witch took off her acceptable face and revealed the shocking, gruesome horror beneath, you had nightmares for days.


This unbelievably depressing scene makes Game of Thrones look cheery. As Artax the beautiful horse slowly drowned in a swamp, you couldn’t quite believe what you were witnessing.


This was like being awake while having a nightmare. A pleasant boat ride suddenly turned into a trippy, freaky horror with leeches crawling over people’s eyes, and strange flashing images of dilated pupils. And all that screaming! It made you glad you hadn’t found a Golden Ticket after all.



Even now, you can’t think about this scene without welling up. If you had a dog, you hugged it extra hard after this. And if you didn’t have one you begged your parents to let you get one so you could always protect it. Or you just got another dog Beanie Baby.