1. Doctor Who

When Martha and The Doctor travelled back in time during The Shakespeare Code the pair ended up having an interesting chat about magic, the as yet unnamed book 7 (which hadn’t been released at the time the episode aired).


Oh, and they also threw in a handy little reference to a famous Potter spell too.

2. The IT Crowd

Is there any difference between the adult and children’s versions of the Harry Potter novels?

Moss bought both versions to find out.

3. Lost

Remember the time Sawyer popped glasses on to read? And Hurley hit him with the most brilliant observational burn ever?

4. Being Human

In the original pilot (starring Andrea Riseborough and Guy Flanagan instead of Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner) the new housemates found themselves discussing which Hogwarts houses they’d be sorted into.

Check it out at the 11-minute mark above.

5. Supernatural

When Charlie was feeling a little nervous about a mission, Potterhead Sam Winchester helped her to get her head back in the game with some brilliant references to JK Rowling’s wizarding world.

6. The Simpsons

When it comes to Harry Potter references, The Simpsons don’t do things by halves. They have so many we’ve almost lost track but our favourites include...

When Lisa met JK Rowling…

And Ned Flanders’ story time…

7. The Big Bang Theory

If there’s one thing Big Bang Theory is known for it’s being laden with references to our favourite sci-fi and fantasy series – and Harry Potter is no exception. Remember the time Sheldon spoiled Harry Potter for Leonard?

And Penny did too?

Or the time Howard came out with this gem?


What about the time Raaj was ripped off trying to buy a wand?

And Penny posed an interesting question...


8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Everyone's favourite vampire slayer had an appreciation for JK Rowling's work.


As did the founder members of her Scooby Gang.


9. House

Even medical professionals can find use for the Harry Potter tales.

10. American Dad!

The American Hogwarts wasn’t quite as magical as Steve thought it’d be…

11. Will & Grace


The amazing Karen (aka Megan Mulally) said what we were ALL thinking.

12. The Office: an American Workplace

Remember when Dwight read the tale to Jim and Pam?

Or when Jim named his team after He Who Must Not Be Named?

And Prison Mike revealed what dealing with a Dementor was really like…

13. Scrubs

Bob Kelso was one of the most fearsome doctors in Sacred Heart Hospital but did you know he was a massive Harry Potter fan too?

Hell hath no fury like a Potterhead scorned.

Or Turk in Potter scar related pain.

14. Friends

Ross Geller defintely knows his JK Rowling, from the cloak of inivisibility to the cupboard under the stairs.


15. One Tree Hill

Remember the time Jamie and his friends dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween? And they had a cracking chat about the differences between the books and the films?



As was his uncle Lucas’ nod to the books in series 6. “You may not like him, minister... but you can't deny he's got style” he told Julian, before wrapping it up with two words: “Harry Potter”.

Anyone who quotes Kingsley Shacklebolt is OK in our book.

16. French & Saunders

Who could forget Harry Potter and The Chamber Pot of Azerbaijan?

17. 30 Rock

Remember the time Liz Lemon went to one of Kenneth's parties dressed as Harry Potter?

What about Jack's uplifting chat about the Harry Potter Theme park?

And obviously, that all important chat about Quidditch.

18. Parks and Recreation

You might think you’re a Harry Potter fan but you ain’t got nothin’ on Leslie Knope. She’s so devoted she even forced her friends to watch all the movies.

And even went for meetings in the Chamber of Secrets...

At least Andy got his day at Hogwarts, eh?

19. Saturday Night Live

And last but by no means least, is this infamous sketch from America’s home of comedy, Saturday Night Live – featuring many famous faces you’ll know quite well.


They’ve followed it up many times throughout the years, most hilariously with Daniel Radcliffe’s return to Hogwarts.