Actor James Caan has died at the age of 82.

The star of The Godfather and Misery passed away on Wednesday (6th July 2022) after a long and celebrated career in Hollywood.

Caan had been nominated for four Golden Globes, an Oscar and an Emmy award and brought to life some iconic characters, not least Sonny Corleone for which he received his Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Speaking after Caan's death, The Godfather and The Rain People director Francis Ford Coppola commented to Deadline: "Jimmy was someone who stretched through my life longer and closer than any motion picture figure I’ve ever known.

"From those beginning times working on The Rain People, throughout all the milestones of my life.

"His films and the many great roles he played will never be forgotten. Old friend from Sunnyside, collaborator and one of the funniest people I’ve ever known."

Elsewhere, Caan's Funny Lady co-star Barbra Streisand tweeted a photo of the two of them and noted: "I’m so sorry to hear about Jimmy. He was so talented."

Finally, The Godfather star Al Pacino commented in a statement: "Jimmy was my fictional brother and my lifelong friend. It’s hard to believe that he won’t be in the world any more because he was so alive and daring. A great actor, a brilliant director and my dear friend. I’m gonna miss him."

In light of Caan's sad passing, we've gathered a list of some of the actor's most beloved films to enjoy.

Greatest James Caan movies as legendary Misery and Godfather star dies

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  • The Godfather

    Francis Ford Coppola's epic crime drama, starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and James Caan. In New York following the Second World War, Don Corleone is determined that his family should keep control of the American crime world. His daughter Connie is to be married, an occasion that draws guests pledging gifts to the couple in the hope that they will be granted favours by the "Godfather".

  • The Godfather Part II

    Epic crime drama starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton. Michael Corleone is determined to legitimise the family business, but struggles to escape its violent past. With his leadership challenged by rival factions, Michael becomes increasingly obsessed with family loyalty, as he remembers his late father's first, challenging days in America.

  • The Yards

    Crime drama starring Mark Wahlberg, James Caan, Joaquin Phoenix and Charlize Theron. Leo Handler leaves prison with the intention of staying on the right side of the law, and when he is given a job in the New York subway repair yards by his high-powered uncle Frank, things seem to be going well. But Leo soon finds himself deep in violence and corruption when Frank's business methods prove to be less than ethical.

  • Misery

    Psychological thriller based on the novel by Stephen King, starring James Caan and Kathy Bates. In a remote area of the Colorado Mountains, successful novelist Paul Sheldon is injured in a car accident and taken in by ex-nurse Annie Wilkes, a devoted fan of Sheldon and his fictional heroine Misery Chastain. But events take a sinister turn when the novelist allows Wilkes to read a proof of his latest book.

  • El Dorado

    Western from director Howard Hawks, starring John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and James Caan. Gunfighter Cole Thornton joins forces with old friend and sheriff JP Harrah to rid the town of El Dorado of a cattle baron's hired guns. As Thornton has a paralysed arm and Harrah has a drink problem, they face a stern test of their resolve.

  • The Rain People

    When a housewife finds out she is pregnant, she runs out of town looking for freedom to reevaluate her life decisions.

  • Funny Lady

    Sequel to musical Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand re-creating her Oscar-winning role as Broadway star Fanny Brice. Also starring James Caan and Omar Sharif. During the Depression years, brash young producer Billy Rose announces that Fanny will be in his forthcoming show. Impressed by his impudence, Fanny agrees to appear.

  • Comes a Horseman

    A female rancher resists pressure from a neighbouring former lover to sell her land. However, both ranchers find their property under threat from an unscrupulous land baron planning to turn their valley into an oilfield. Alan J Pakula's 1940s-set Western, starring James Caan, Jane Fonda, Jason Robards and Richard Farnsworth

  • Gardens of Stone

    Drama starring James Caan, James Earl Jones, DB Sweeney and Anjelica Huston. 1968, Virginia. While the war rages in Vietnam, Sgt Clell Hazard, a decorated veteran, is assigned to Fort Myer where his unit conducts military burials at Arlington National Cemetery. He takes new recruit Jackie Willow under his wing but the young soldier remains determined to serve his country in Vietnam, even as more and more flag-draped coffins arrive from the battle front.

  • Dick Tracy

    Detective adventure based on the classic comic strip, starring Warren Beatty, Madonna and Al Pacino. America in the 1930s, the home of heroes and villains. Bad guys like Big Boy Caprice, hunchback and underworld syndicate boss with plans for a city totally under his control. And heroes like Dick Tracy, the handsome detective with a fedora hat and a wristwatch radio, who has been close to catching Big Boy in the past, and is determined not to let him get away this time.

  • Bottle Rocket

    Comedy crime drama starring Luke Wilson, Robert Musgrave and Owen C Wilson as three hapless friends who begin new careers as criminals. After their first hold-up at a bookstore they meet crime boss Mr Henry, and become involved in his next crime.

  • Dogville

    Drama from director Lars von Trier, starring Nicole Kidman. A mysterious woman called Grace arrives in a small mountain community seeking sanctuary. But the townspeople's kindness is not unconditional.

  • Elf

    Seasonal comedy fantasy starring Will Ferrell and James Caan. Raised by Santa's helpers at the North Pole, human infant Buddy matures into a strapping adult and outgrows his cramped surroundings. His resultant determination to find his real father, Walter, sends Buddy on an exciting trip to New York.

  • Thief

    A high-class thief attempts to settle down and lead a normal life with his girlfriend, but reckons without the intervention of Mafia hoods determined to prevent him going straight. Crime drama, starring James Caan, Tuesday Weld, Willie Nelson and James Belushi

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