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13 of the most memorable moments from the Bafta Film Awards 2017

From Stephen Fry's smooch with Meryl Streep to Dev Patel's shock victory, it was an eventful night at the Royal Albert Hall

Published: Monday, 13th February 2017 at 1:00 am

1. Stephen Fry’s smooch with Meryl Streep

The BAFTA host opened the show by defending Streep’s honour so it was little wonder she was on hand to provide his annual kiss from the audience.


2. And his cracking royal quip about Danny Dyer


"We’re especially glad the Duchess is here” Fry began while introducing William and Kate, “as after watching a recent episode of Who Do You Think You Are? [Prince William] is still recovering from the devastating news he is related to Danny Dyer."

Best stay away from the Queen Vic for a while, eh Steve?

3. When Meryl was ALL OF US watching THAT Cirque de Soleil stunt

We've ALL been there when watching someone attempt something incredible on a stage.

And here’s the clip for reference

4. Ken Loach's searing thoughts about the state of the nation


“Thank you to the Academy for endorsing the truth of what the film says, which hundreds of thousands of people in this country know, and that is that the most vulnerable and the poorest people are treated by this government with a callous brutality that is disgraceful,” he said.

Watch the speech in full here.

5. Spider-Man meets Spider-Man

BAFTA Rising Star Tom Holland was very excited to pick up his award but fans of the Spider-Man franchise were more interested in his red carpet interactions with a certain Mr Garfield.

Holland said he was thrilled to finally meet his predecessor and added that he’d be “picking his brains” for Spidey tips.

Oh, and he photobombed Bryce Dallas Howard too. It was very sweet.

6. Hugh Grant hits PEAK Hugh Grant


The Florence Foster Jenkins star could have been reading a 90s bumbling Hugh Grant character’s script as he prepared to hand out the award for Best Supporting Actress.

“I played almost exclusively female parts…” he began. “I should say female roles. It sounds better.”

Oh Hugh. Oh you.

Horse and Hound?

7. Viola Davis’ incredibly emotional acceptance speech

As Davis took the award for Best Supporting Actress, she made a very emotional speech about the importance of African American lives.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the actress was finished.

8. Dev Patel’s shock win for Best Supporting Actor

The former Skins star was NOT expecting to win, and it made his victory all the sweeter.

Can you imagine how adorably dumbstruck he’ll be if he wins the Oscar!?!

Come on Academy, you know you want to…

9. When Lin Manuel Miranda met JK Rowling

The creator of Hamilton and the creator of Harry Potter had Twitter gagging for them to collaborate on a project.

10. And he bonded with Riz Ahmed on the red carpet

Lin Manuel was very complimentary about Riz’s mum.

Riz, well, he had other ideas.

11. Emma Stone, Eddie Redmayne and JK Rowling joined forces for the ultimate BAFTA selfie

Emma Stone for Fantastic Beasts 2, anyone?

12. ALL of Stephen Fry’s highly political sass

The Bafta host was dropping humdingers all evening, from quips about the Russians rigging the ceremony to triggering Article 50 to get to the next award.

He saved his biggest digs for the US President, though.


“And if you didn’t win, I’m sure you’ll take it with grace and honour and not reject the result of an independent judiciary or try and buy another judge to give you a different version.”

13. And of course, the one and only Mel Brooks

Brooks brought the house down as he accepted his BAFTA Fellowship.

Even host Stephen Fry couldn’t resist a cheeky selfie with the cinema legend!


The BAFTAs were held at London’s Royal Albert Hall and were hosted by Stephen Fry. Get the full winners list here.


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