11 anniversaries in 2016 that will make you feel really, really old

Toy Story and Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be 20 years old, while Taylor Swift's first album came out a decade ago...


If the prospect of your birthday is an unnerving thought, you’ll feel truly ancient at the realisation that some of your favourite TV shows, albums and films are turning 10, 20 or even 50 years old this year. Here are some key anniversaries to take note of.


It’s been….

20 years since Toy Story was released in the UK

When? 22nd March

Just the thought of You’ve Got a Friend In Me makes us feel dangerously nostalgic — but realising that the beloved Pixar film was first in UK cinemas two decades ago in 1996 is hard to believe. To think of Andy all grown up…

10 years since Borat

When? 2nd November


It feels like only yesterday we were all aghast at Sacha Baron Cohen’s close-to-the-knuckle jokes and nude rolling around. It’s been TEN years since Jagshemash!?

25 years since R.E.M ‘s Out of Time

When? 12th March

The album that featured Losing My Religion, the song that catapulted REM to international stardom, will be 25 years old this year. Forget losing your religion, what about losing your youth?

20 years since Sabrina the Teenage Witch was first on TV

When? 27th September


What witchcraft is this? Sabrina, 90s kids’ after-school TV obsession, will be two decades old this September…

20 years since Jerry Maguire

When? 6th December


“You had me at hello” really did happen that long ago. Don’t believe us? Here’s the film’s child star Jonathan Lipnicki at the 1996 premiere (and then in 2015, below) to really make you feel ancient…


20 years since Kenan and Kel was first on TV

When? 15th July


Who loves orange soda? We first learnt to love it 20 years ago when these boys were our cult heroes…

20 years since the film of Matilda

When? 2nd August


Two decades ago, 90s kids saw Roald Dahl’s heroine come to life on the big screen — the character who made 90s kids want to read. When they weren’t busy having nightmares about the Chokey.

10 years since Taylor Swift’s album Taylor Swift

When? 24th October


A 16-year-old Taylor released her first album a decade ago, sporting a very different, country music look. Who’d have guessed she’d be the insanely successful superstar she is today?

20 years since Space Jam

When? 15th November

“When the world’s greatest athlete….teams up with the world’s best-loved cartoon character,” went the 1996 trailer for the Michael Jordan movie which saw Bugs Bunny doing slam dunks with aliens. A hugely popular film with lots of kids at the time, no wonder there’s been such a fuss about the possibility of Space Jam 2…

20 years since the Doctor Who movie

When? 14th May


Two decades ago the Whoniverse expanded into a film, which we were unbelievably excited about. No, it didn’t quite live up to expectations but it was a momentous occasion all the same.

50 years since The Beatles’ Revolver

When? 5th August



If this Beatles press conference from 1966 doesn’t make you check your head for grey hairs, then we don’t know what will…