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V. v. important to watch Bridget at Christmas. Check in with singleton, consider number of units of alcohol self has consumed, ponder state of romantic life and tuck into some Ben & Jerry's. Or mini gherkins.

See it: Wednesday 23rd December at 10:45pm - 12:30am, ITV

The quest this time is for the Holy Grail, but ultimately the story doesn't matter: it's the snappy dialogue between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery that makes this film a gem.

See it: Wednesday 23rd December at 1:45pm - 3:40pm, BBC1

Dubbed the "granddaddy of all feel-good movies" by film critic Barry Norman it wouldn't be a wonderful Christmas without It's A Wonderful Life. Grab the family, grab a festive snack and settle in.

See it: Christmas Eve at 2:15 - 4:55pm, Channel 4

Watching Tim Allen turn into Santa Claus is becoming as regular a part of Christmas as opening a door on your advent calendar. From grumpy to jolly, it's a heap of festive fun.

See it: Christmas Eve at 10:30am - 12:00pm, BBC1

After a year with much chatter about Bond, it seems rather fitting to go back to the beginning of Daniel Craig's time in the 007 role. Rugged, rough around the edges and really very attractive when it comes to that pair of... aces, in the game of poker (ahem).

See it: Christmas Eve at 9:00 - 11:55pm, ITV2

There's been a change at Disney over the past few years with kick-ass princesses taking centre stage. Merida brings bucket loads of sass as she fights off plans for an arranged marriage and Billy Connolly is fabulous voicing King Fergus. A real animated triumph.

See it: Christmas Day at 3:10 - 4:35pm BBC1

Once you've polished off that epic Christmas meal (and dessert, and a Christmas left over sandwich and perhaps just a bit more cheese...) you'll need a big adventure on the telly, too. Russell Crowe is the man for the job with this 'origins' story. A tad glum for such a festive day, but then have you seen what's going on on EastEnders..?

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See it: Christmas Day at 8:00pm - 10:45pm, More4

When you've got a whole host of people to keep happy with your Christmas telly viewing, a classic is a good way to go. Fairytale characters will keep the kids happy, while seasoned viewers can have a blooming good sing-along.

See it: Christmas Day at 3:10-5:10pm, Channel 5

Dinosaurs and Christmas shouldn't go together, but snuggling up with Sam Neil and a bunch of roaring T. Rexs just seems right after a hard day of eating and relaxing. As with James Bond, with so much fuss around the latest film this year, Jurassic World, it's nice to go back to where it all began.

See it Boxing Day at 1:20pm - 3:40pm, ITV

The name of the game is adventure as a family of cavepeople travel to find a new place to live. The animation is the true triumph here. Your ears do not deceive you either, that's Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds among the bunch.


See it: Boxing Day at 4:45pm - 6:10pm, BBC1