Peaky Blinders is still capturing audiences' imaginations thanks to a new immersive live show. Despite the end of the long-running television series, fans have another chance to enjoy action-packed storytelling from the world of the Peaky Blinders.


Peaky Blinders: The Rise is a new immersive experience that invites Peaky Blinders fans to step into 'The Camden Garrison' in 1921, as Tommy and Arthur Shelby plan their next move, having defeated Billy Kimber. Fans of the series will know this places the events of the live show between seasons one and two of the TV show.

Participants are free to make their own decisions within the show, whether they spend their time with Arthur in The Garrison pub, plot with Tommy in his office, or have their own meeting with the Italian mob in The Eden Club. As such, every visit to Peaky Blinders: The Rise has the potential to be different and to challenge and entertain participants in different ways.

New actors will step into the shoes of some of the series' best-known characters, with experienced immersive theatre performers set to play Tommy, Arthur and Ada Shelby, among others.

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What is Peaky Blinders: The Rise?

If you're new to the idea of immersive theatre, it's worth noting that this is different to a traditional stage show. Rather than attending and simply watching the show, you arrive and become part of the show itself. Hence there are opportunities to speak to the different characters and interact with the scenes.

You also get a chance to spend time in settings which closely resemble and pay homage to those from the show. Of course, The Camden Garrison reflects the oft-used setting from the show, The Garrison, in Birmingham, which was a regular haunt and later possession of the Shelbys.

Director Tom Maller said: "There's something for everyone. There's music, so you can have a party, you can watch the narrative unfold, you can be part of it — right in the thick of it — or you can step back. There are different elements that will appeal to everyone."

Where in London is Peaky Blinders: The Rise on?

The Camden Garrison can be found in Camden Market, north London, at the postcode: NW1 8AH.

The atmospheric cobbled courtyards of Camden Market are the perfect entryway to get you in the mood for an immersive Peaky Blinders experience and Camden Market is easy to access by public transport.

How long is Peaky Blinders: The Rise running for?

Currently, there are shows planned beginning on 24th June 2022 right through until February 2023 — so there's plenty of chance to bag your tickets and get involved!

How to get tickets to Peaky Blinders: The Rise

Tickets are available now via and a huge range of dates are on offer.

Buy Peaky Blinders: The Rise tickets from £46.20 at Love Theatre

How much do Peaky Blinders: The Rise tickets cost?

At the time of writing, tickets start at £46.20 but this price may fluctuate due to supply and demand, especially around certain popular dates.

If you've got your eye on a day that's likely to be popular it's a good idea to grab your tickets now to avoid potentially paying an inflated price.

Buy Peaky Blinders: The Rise tickets from £46.20 at Love Theatre


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