Alex Chandon (2011)

18 Certificate


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British director Alex Chandon (Cradle of Fear) returns to feature films after a ten-year hiatus with a twisted, Grand Guignol-style splatterfest that mixes hardcore, townie-in-peril horror with pitch-black humour. Taking the usual genre clichés and playing them for defiantly non-PC laughs, this low-budget horror sees a sketchy quartet of southern young offenders and their care workers (including This Is England's Jo Hartley) fall foul of local villagers during a rehabilitation weekend in remotest Yorkshire. It's an increasingly nightmarish scenario that's disturbing rather than scary - particularly in the Calvaire-meets-The League of Gentlemen mid-section, when the outsiders' intended fate is revealed. Chandon and his largely solid cast revel in the film's crude stereotypes, clunky in-jokes, and gleefully brutal deaths. Their riotous enthusiasm - most evident in Seamus O'Neill's scene-stealing pub landlord performance - is an asset, alongside the impressive special effects. These crowd-pleasing elements distract from a multitude of sins, allowing gorehounds and fan-boys, at least, to overlook the weaknesses in pacing, plot and characterisation.


Young offenders and their care workers go to an isolated Yorkshire village for a community service project. However, they face a battle for survival when they discover the locals have degenerated to savagery through inbreeding, and have a violent hatred of outsiders. Horror, starring Jo Hartley and Seamus O'Neill.

Cast & Crew

Kate Jo Hartley
Jeff James Doherty
Tim James Burrows
Jim Seamus O'Neill
Zeb Terry Haywood
Gris Neil Leiper
Dwight Chris Waller
Podge Dominic Brunt
Jacob Mat Fraser
June Emily Booth
Director Alex Chandon
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Anchor Bay FilmsGuidance: Violence, swearing. Available on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 21 Sep 2012