Dating Amber

Dating Amber

David Freyne (2020)



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Set in Ireland in 1995, this sensitive tale of queer teen friendship is crafted with style, wit and emotional honesty by writer/director David Freyne (The Cured). Gay student Eddie (Fionn O'Shea from TV's Normal People) just wants to get through high school without being outed. He is subjected to school-yard rumour and paternal pressures, but after discovering Amber (Lola Petticrew) is also secretly queer, the pair forms a fake relationship to ride out school until graduation. But maintaining the façade proves trickier than expected. After starring in 2016's similarly LGBTQ+-themed Handsome Devil, O'Shea proves an appealing lead, and his sparring with the vibrantly spiky Petticrew gifts the film its many funny and heartfelt moments. Sharon Horgan also shines as Eddie's perceptive mum. A more subdued queer outing than the likes of Pride and Love, Simon, Dating Amber is a smart, relevant dramedy that neatly broaches the topic of small-town prejudice by spotlighting the self-doubt and fear of those "outsiders" who feel pressured to conform.

Cast & Crew

Eddie Fionn O'Shea
Amber Lola Petticrew
Hannah Sharon Horgan
Ian Barry Ward
Jill Simone Kirby
Jack Evan O'Connor
Kev Ian O'Reilly
Tracey Emma Willis
Janet Anastasia Blake
Sarah Lauryn Canny
Director David Freyne
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Language: EnglishColour