All about Nina

All about Nina

Eva Vives (2018)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Mary Elizabeth Winstead is superb here as a brash stand-up comedian who moves to LA when her personal life in New York spirals out of control. Using raw, unfiltered language from the very beginning, the film doesn't hold back in illustrating the situation Nina finds herself in. It's a refreshingly honest, but hard-going look at someone struggling with their personal demons. Nina may not be particularly warm or likeable, but she does invite sympathy, particularly when the origins of her anger come to light in the film's third act. Common provides excellent support as a man Nina meets in LA, sparking a romance that goes against the film's gritty tone, but which charms thanks to the chemistry of the two actors. All about Nina tackles hard issues about gender and trauma, refusing to sugar-coat any of it. It's not an easy watch at times, but the story and its star make a powerful impression.


Stand-up comedian Nina Geld spends most of her nights working in small clubs, feeling sick before them, indulging in drunken one-night stands, as well as continuing an affair with an abusive married man. However, Nina finds her life shaken when she meets a man named Rafe. Comedy drama, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Common.

Cast & Crew

Nina Geld Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Rafe Common
Joe Chace Crawford
Paula Clea DuVall
Lake Kate del Castillo
Debora Camryn Manheim
Mike Jay Mohr
Amy Mindy Sterling
Carrie Angelique Cabral
Director Eva Vives
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: DVD
Drama Comedy