Under the Wire

Under the Wire

Christopher Martin (3) (2018)

15 Certificate


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This documentary feature pieces together the events of 2012 in Syria, when western journalists were beating a retreat as President Assad's forces attempted to bomb so-called rebel areas into submission. Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin and photographer Paul Conroy, however, were determinedly sneaking into the country to bring the story to the world. What was revealed was the nightmare of seemingly indiscriminate attacks on trapped civilians, as Colvin and Conroy risked their own lives to reach international outlets and augment the online coverage which local activists and individuals had been putting out via social media. Pieced together from often harrowing smartphone footage gathered at the time, plus Conroy's impassioned recollections in interview and some judicious scene-setting reconstruction, the result is a hugely powerful portrait of courage under fire. As Colvin and Conroy realise that getting out was always going to be so much tougher than getting in, this vital reminder that the war correspondent still has a vital contribution to make in the age of the citizen journalist develops into a truly nail-chewing piece of cinema. Yes, the horrors and injustices of the Syrian conflict have been well documented, but not with the gripping intensity and sheer emotional impact on display here. Highly recommended.

Cast & Crew

Marie Colvin Janine Birkett
Paul Conroy Julian Lewis Jones
Wa'el Ziad Abaza
Edith Bouvier Karine Myriam Lapouble
Director Christopher Martin (3)

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: DogwoofGuidance: Swearing, images of real dead bodies and injuriesReleased on: 7 Sep 2018