No Shade

No Shade

Clare Anyiam-Osigwe (2018)

15 Certificate


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It's a depressing state of affairs that respected dermatologist Clare Anyiam-Osigwe is only the sixth black British woman director to have a feature released in the UK. But she makes a fine impression behind and in front of the camera in this astute assessment of colourism. In addition to writing and directing, Anyiam-Osigwe also plays the best friend of 28-year-old Jade (Adele Oni), a freelance photographer desperately in love with a boyfriend (Kadeem Pearse) who prefers partners with lighter skin, like the feisty Andrea (Sharea Samuels). Jade wishes she could find someone like her friend's fiancé (Algie Salmon-Fattahian) but winds up enduring a series of disastrous dates with the likes of the braying Dominic (Fred Lancaster), who regards a black girlfriend as something of a trophy. Addressing the issues with a measured maturity that avoids browbeating, this is an engaging study of the problems and prejudices facing black British women both within their own communities and in a supposedly enlightened society at large.


A photographer who has been infatuated with her best friend for years goes looking for love elsewhere, but fears her skin tone may be a barrier to happiness. Comedy, starring Adele Oni and Kadeem Pearse.

Cast & Crew

Jade Adele Oni
Danny Kadeem Pearse
Gemma Jade Asha
Margaret Judith Jacob
Andrea Sharea Samuels
Eddy Algie Salmon-Fattahian
Carla Clare Anyiam-Osigwe
Dominic Fred Lancaster
Director Clare Anyiam-Osigwe
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: BUFF OriginalsReleased on: 2 Nov 2018