The Jungle Bunch

The Jungle Bunch

David Alaux (2017)

U Certificate


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This kiddie cartoon, about two generations of hero creatures vying to save their jungle from a psycho koala, derives from a long-running French TV series, and sometimes looks like it, despite being adequately re-voiced in English. There's an odd disconnect between a complex, sometimes dark and occasionally violent plot, and the visual cuteness of its characters that suggests it's aimed at younger kids. And some inter-species oddities may prompt some awkward questions for parents to answer. But the film, if a touch charmless and striving that bit too hard for animal magic, is decently animated, and has enough entertaining moments to merit consideration by parents of more resilient kids.

Cast & Crew

Maurice Kirk Thornton
Gilbert Andre Gordon
Miguel / Al Cam Stance
Batricia Erin Fitzgerald
Bob Chris Smith
Natacha Dorothy Fahn
Tony Kaiji Tang
Goliath Richard Epcar
Igor Keith Silverstein
Director David Alaux
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Entertainment OneReleased on: 15 Sep 2017