On Body and Soul

On Body and Soul

Ildiko Enyedi (2017)

18 Certificate


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Returning to full-length feature films 18 years after Simon Magus (1999), Hungarian auteur Ildiko Enyedi explores the connection between human and animal behaviour in this teasingly hesitant love story that won the Golden Bear at Berlin. Middle-aged Endre (Geza Morcsanyi) is undoubtedly smitten when Maria (Alexandra Borbely) becomes the new quality control inspector at the abattoir where he works as financial director. But he's no match for the cocky Sanyi (Ervin Nagy) and only comes into contact with Maria after a vial of bovine aphrodisiac is stolen and management insists that everyone undergoes a course of "mental hygiene" with a psychiatrist. She is intrigued to discover that Endre and Maria share an identical dream of deer nuzzling in the snow. But, even away from the blood and guts of the workplace, there's no guarantee romance will find a way. Veering between scenes of unflinching savagery and psychological malady, Enyedi makes some pertinent points about the alienating nature of modern urban living. She's splendidly served by her excellent leads, as well as Mate Herbai's unsettling imagery.

Cast & Crew

Maria Racz Alexandra Borbely
Endre Geza Morcsanyi
Klara Reka Tenki
Jeno Zoltan Schneider
Sanyi Ervin Nagy
Director Ildiko Enyedi
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Other Information

Language: Hungarian +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: MUBIGuidance: Violence, swearing, sex scenes.Released on: 22 Sep 2017