My Feral Heart

My Feral Heart

Jane Gull (2016)

12A Certificate


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Not since Pascal Duquenne teamed with Daniel Auteuil in French road movie The Eighth Day (1996), has an actor with Down's syndrome made such an impact on a debut as Steven Brandon does in this affecting study of independence and friendship. Suddenly left alone after the death of his mother, 30-something Luke (Brandon) is dispatched to the Blossom House care facility, as it's presumed he cannot possibly fend for himself. In fact, he's an intelligent and resourceful individual, who not only makes connections with perky helper Eve (Shana Swash) and cynical handyman Pete (Will Rastall), but also secretly nurses a young girl after people traffickers abandon her in the woods. Screenwriter Duncan Paveling struggles to integrate this final plot strand with a denunciation of fox hunting, but he laudably resists undue sentiment and avoids patronising his characters. Swash and Rastall (whose character has his own grief issues) provide deft support, but it's the wondrously natural and insightful Brandon who holds the picture together.


Premiere. Following his mother's death, Luke, a young man with Down's syndrome, moves into a care home. After sneaking out of the house to explore the countryside, he meets a young woman who gives him hope and purpose. Drama, starring Darren Kent, Steven Brandon, Suzanna Hamilton and Pixie Le Knot.

Cast & Crew

Luke Steven Brandon
Eve Shana Swash
Pete Will Rastall
The Girl Pixie Le Knot
Joan Eileen Pollock
Margaret Suzanna Hamilton
Director Jane Gull
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Our ScreenGuidance: SwearingAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 4 Nov 2016