Christmas with the Coopers

Christmas with the Coopers

Jessie Nelson (2015)

12A Certificate


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If you're dreaming of a grey Christmas, this seasonal comedy might be for you. Diane Keaton is on neurotic autopilot as the ashy-bloused Mrs Cooper and John Goodman is the husband who is in two minds about their impending divorce. It's a secret, of course, to be revealed after their big Christmas Eve get-together and the table is nearly set in their posh gunmetal-grey kitchen-diner. The guests are delayed though, mostly by their own personal problems. They include the son (played by a typically teeth-gnashing Ed Helms) and daughter, a cynical self-absorbed writer (Olivia Wilde) who is bringing home a fake fiancé (Jake Lacy) to impress everyone. Marisa Tomei puts on a sour face, too, as Keaton's shoplifting sister (also wearing a nice shade of slate) and grandpa (Alan Arkin) gets creepily involved in the private affairs of Amanda Seyfried's near-suicidal waitress. Inevitably, the spirit of Christmas thaws things out towards the end, but it's too much of a dull slog getting there. The Coopers are, quite simply, bad company.


Four generations of a family meet up to spend Christmas together - and all bring their own problems to the gathering, with a fake boyfriend, an arrest for shoplifting and the demands of single parenthood putting the festive season in jeopardy. Comedy, starring Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Ed Helms and Amanda Seyfried, narrated by Steve Martin as the family dog.

Cast & Crew

Charlotte Diane Keaton
Sam John Goodman
Bucky Alan Arkin
Ruby Amanda Seyfried
Eleanor Olivia Wilde
Hank Ed Helms
Emma Marisa Tomei
Officer Williams Anthony Mackie
Aunt Fishy June Squibb
Angie Alex Borstein
Charlie Timothée Chalamet
Dr Tony Morrissey Jon Tenney
Director Jessie Nelson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Entertainment OneAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 4 Dec 2015