Last Days in Vietnam

Rory Kennedy (2014)



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This Oscar-nominated film documents events from the closing stages of the Vietnam War, when American soldiers stationed in the south tried to evacuate Vietnamese citizens fleeing the advancing Communist forces. With testimony from everyone from Henry Kissinger to a local Saigon student, this has a moving story to tell. Amid the American perspectives on the war as a whole, the film also explores the plight of ordinary Vietnamese civilians going to great lengths to survive. Just as interesting is the responsibility of the military figures involved, as they are forced to weigh up who deserves to be saved. The startling archive footage brings the reality of the situation to light, revealing people clinging to the outsides of helicopters and an American embassy engulfed by evacuees. A different side to an infamous part of history, Last Days In Vietnam's reluctance to delve into any deep political depths is counterbalanced by a gripping portrayal of human struggle.


Oscar-nominated documentary about the final weeks of the Vietnam War, when the North Vietnamese Army closed in on Saigon as the panicked South Vietnamese people desperately attempted to escape. Including recollections of people who were there at the time.

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Henry Kissinger Henry Kissinger
Director Rory Kennedy

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Language: English, Vietnamese +subtitlesColour