I Am Yours

I Am Yours

Iram Haq (2013)

18 Certificate


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Actress Iram Haq makes a solid directorial debut with this tale of clashing cultures. Despite having been sent back to Pakistan as a teenager, Mina (Amrita Acharia) has become a modern Norwegian woman, dismaying her parents both by pursuing an acting career and by separating from her wealthy architect husband. She strives to be a good mother to her young son (Prince Singh), but he slips down her order of priorities after she embarks upon an affair with a commitment-phobic Swedish director (Ola Rapace). Although her plotline is lurchingly melodramatic, Haq employs skittish camerawork to maintain a simmering intensity, as the far from sympathetic Mina behaves ever more recklessly in a bid to assert her independence and prevent herself from facing up to reality. Ukrainian/Nepalese actress Acharia dominates proceedings, and the fling with Rapace (which includes a fumble on Henrik Ibsen's grave) and feuding with her conservative mother (Rabia Noreen) is potently played. However, the ambiguous ending leaves one wondering whether she has learnt her lesson.

Cast & Crew

Mina Amrita Acharia
Jesper Ola Rapace
Felix Prince Singh
Samina Rabia Noreen
Martin Trond Fausa Aurvag
Dirk Tobias Santelmann
Felix's dad Assad Siddique
Director Iram Haq
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Other Information

Language: Norwegian, Urdu, Swedish +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Day for NightGuidance: Sex scenes, sexual references.Released on: 30 Jan 2015