The Nut Job

The Nut Job

Peter Lepeniotis (2014)

U Certificate


Our Score
A promising set-up and a decent voice cast aren't enough to elevate this child-friendly animated caper. Expanded from a ten-minute short, the film revolves around Surly the Squirrel (Will Arnett), a self-serving rogue who is banished from the park by his fellow animals after accidentally destroying their food reserves. Heading into the city, Surly stumbles upon a nut shop that has enough food to help him and the entire community survive the impending winter. Young audiences will be entertained by the slapstick and frantic set pieces that follow, but adult viewers won't find the depth or sophistication that we now expect from animated features. There are a few amusing sight gags and the animation is pleasing on the eye. But on the whole it lacks inspiration, resulting in an unremarkable romp that doesn't live up to its promise.


A squirrel living in a city park faces a harsh winter ahead. He sees fresh hope when he discovers a shop selling nuts, and recruits the other animals to carry out a daring heist that will provide enough food to keep them going through the cold months ahead. Animated comedy, with the voices of Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser and Liam Neeson.

Cast & Crew

Surly Will Arnett
Andie Katherine Heigl
Grayson Brendan Fraser
Raccoon Liam Neeson
King Stephen Lang
Precious Maya Rudolph
Mole Jeff Dunham
Jimmy Gabriel Iglesias
Lana Sarah Gadon
Fingers James Rankin
Director Peter Lepeniotis
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment UK LtdAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 1 Aug 2014
Comedy Drama Children's