The Art of the Steal

The Art of the Steal

Jonathan Sobol (2013)

15 Certificate


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Two art-thief brothers reunite for one last heist after years of bad blood in this old-fashioned caper movie. Having served a lengthy prison sentence after brother Matt Dillon ratted him out to save his own skin, Kurt Russell is now a third-rate motorcycle daredevil. Against his better judgement he joins his estranged brother and old gang members to steal a priceless religious manuscript - and so the convoluted double-crossing con-artistry begins. The cast members have a winning camaraderie: Jay Baruchel plays the nerdy sidekick to the hilt, Kenneth Welsh overloads the winning Irish charm, and Terence Stamp gets some waspish one-liners. But that can't enliven the self-conscious dialogue, hokey action and telegraphed plot machinations, which all feel like so many Guy Ritchie leftovers. Occasionally charming, yet completely unoriginal, this is dumb fun, no more, no less.


A failed motorcycle daredevil with a sideline in art theft is double-crossed by his brother and winds up in prison. On his release, he decides to carry out one last heist before retiring, so reunites his old team - including his treacherous sibling - to steal one of the world's most valuable books. Crime comedy, starring Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon and Terence Stamp.

Cast & Crew

Crunch Calhoun Kurt Russell
Francie Tobin Jay Baruchel
Nicky Calhoun Matt Dillon
Uncle Paddy Kenneth Welsh
Guy de Cornet Chris Diamantopoulos
Lola Katheryn Winnick
Samuel Winter Terence Stamp
Bick Jason Jones
Director Jonathan Sobol
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: SonyGuidance: SwearingReleased on: 20 Jun 2014
Comedy Drama