14 important pieces of wisdom found in children’s books

Happy World Book Day! Here's a thing or two we should all remember from the books we grew up with...

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Doctor Who’s very own titular Time Lord once said that books are the best weapons in the world and, when you think about it, he really has a point.


Books provide us with endless entertainment, excitement and occasionally heartbreak, but for generations, they’ve been inspiring us and arming us with the wisdom and knowledge we seek as we grow and learn.

It’s little wonder, then, that the greatest wisdom can often be found in the books we read as children. And while there’s plenty to praise among the back catalogues of Dickens, Austen and the rest of Britain’s bookish best, we like to source our inspiration from the authors who catered for our childhood years.


Here is a selection of timeless pearls of wisdom we picked up from the likes of J.K Rowling, Arthur Ransome and the brilliant Roald Dahl…