Legendary Manchester band The Stone Roses played their first gig since 1996 last night in front of 1,000 rapturous fans in Warrington.


The ‘secret’ gig was only advertised through the band’s website and was staged as something of a warm-up for the group’s sold-out Manchester Hyde Park shows, which are due to take place next month.

But while Twitter reports about the gig paint a vivid picture of the event, frontman Ian Brown wasn’t keen for the show to be captured for posterity by fans, and the singer apparently made a few jibes at the expense of audience members trying to capture the gig on their phones.

The band hasn’t always been this camera-shy however, and it was an appearance on Top of the Pops in 1989 that some claim cemented the band’s fame, propelling them to the forefront of the British music scene of the day.

So while it’s a shame that those of us who weren’t at the Warrington Parr Hall show can’t experience it vicariously on YouTube, we can at least celebrate the fact that the Roses are back and enjoy some of their colourful TV appearances from yesteryear. Let’s ‘ave it! (Sorry...)

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The Late Show (1989)

The Roses' first ever TV appearance got off to a bad start when the studio's power failed a minute into their performance. Still, Ian Brown's belligerent complaining about "amateurs" has gone down in TV history, so it wasn't all bad...

The Other Side of Midnight (1989)

Presenter Tony Wilson confessed that he was a recent convert to the band's Madchester sound after being turned on to them by none other than Ringo Starr as a preamble to this clip, which showcases a very youthful looking Roses.

Top of the Pops (1989)

The performance which brought the band into the mainstream sees the group having a whale of a time, Ian Brown caring not one whit about properly miming along to Fools Gold.

Snub TV (1989)

The short-lived BBC2 music show caught the band on home turf, playing I Wanna Be Adored and Sugar Spun Sister at the Hacienda during a momentous year for the group.

Hit Studio International (probably 1992)

To be honest, I've no idea when this was shot but it's a TV appearance featuring the Roses playing their non-album single One Love, which made it to #4 in the charts in 1992. Anyway, who cares about dates? Just enjoy the music...


What's your favourite Stone Roses tune? Will you be attending their Hyde Park shows next month? Post a comment and let us know...