The Lion King and Aladdin casts got stuck at an airport and passed the time with this epic sing-off

Watch performers from the two Broadway musicals entertain the crowds at LaGuardia airport in New York

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Picture this: you’re stuck at an airport for six hours. The air is stuffy, time is ticking, the pre-packaged sandwiches from the cafe taste like cardboard and delayed passengers are at their wits end. We’ve all been there and we can all agree it’s pretty grim.


That is unless you’re sharing your long wait with the casts of not one but two Broadway shows. That’s exactly what happened at LaGuardia airport in New York where performers from both The Lion King and Aladdin were stuck in the departures hall waiting for their flights.

And instead of reading books, playing video games and texting their friends, passengers had front row seats to an epic sing-off between the two casts which included a rendition of Circle of Life and an impromptu rap from Aladdin’s Tony Award-winning James Monroe Inglehart.


Luckily for us, the musical showdown was recorded for us to watch from the comfort our homes without a cramped airport seat in sight. Enjoy…