The best film themes ever? Where’s Jaws, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park and James Bond?

Tim Glanfield gets a little bit angry (for a minute) about a Radio 3 poll result...

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Listen, I know in many ways it’s just a meaningless poll and I shouldn’t let it annoy me… but I can’t help it, I’m annoyed.


Radio 3’s best film soundtrack poll is wrong.

Fine, I’m happy to accept that John Williams’ Star Wars is a classic theme and certainly has a right to top the list… but when you look at the other 19 entries, the number of classics omitted is almost criminal.

No Jaws? No Back to the Future? No James Bond? No Ghostbusters? No JURASSIC PARK?

This is simply madness.

How on earth can The Dark Night Rises, 8 ½ ‘Otto e Mezzo’, Sholay and Bombay make the list when there’s no Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pink Panther or Superman?

One can only assume that Radio 3 listeners – what with their in-depth knowledge of the inner-workings of classical music – see greatness in the There Will Be Blood theme tune that is lost on a mid-90s popwerpop fan like me.

However, whatever the explanation, this feels like a dark day for cinematic music polls – and therefore a dark day for all humanity (in a way)…


See the full results of the poll here. Outraged? Vent your spleen below…