Radio 3 to air voices of people living with dementia

Patients dealing with the disease will be broadcast in a one-off, six-hour programme on 15th October


Radio 3 is to air the voices of people living with dementia in a one-off programme forming part of a season exploring the links between music and memory.


The six-hour programme will be broadcast on 15th October and will combine the observations of dementia patients with music in an uninterrupted sequence.

“Dementia’s the biggest killer in England and Wales,” said Radio 3’s head of production, Jessica Isaacs. “We wanted to give these people a voice.

“Hearing their voices, without explanation is a very powerful thing to do.”

The season is being produced with the Wellcome Collection and will present the results of new research into dementia.


The exploration of music and memory will also feature pianist Igor Levit’s attempt to perform Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations from memory.