35 Victoria Derbyshire

High Five mainstay


An interviewer of supreme skill and sensitivity; no one has been more important to 5 Live’s success.

34 Peter Jones

Hesitation, deviation…

His fumbling efforts on Just a Minute were indulged, showing just how loved and valued this great comedy voice and actor was.

33 Libby Purves

Wednesday wonder

More like this

The first woman to present the Today programme (aged 28), she went on to spend more than 30 years fronting Midweek.

32 John Arlott

Beyond the boundary

Former policeman and would-be Liberal MP, he embodied the golden age of Test Match Special.

31 Nicholas Parsons

Still clocking on


Unique among current broadcasters in having presented the same show for so long. Just a Minute began in 1967, and he’s never deviated.