Pearl Mackie’s first post-Doctor Who role is in a new podcast drama

The erstwhile Bill Potts plays Charlotte in Adulting alongside Game of Thrones’ Hannah Murray and Joe Dempsie

Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts (BBC, HF)

While Pearl Mackie’s very last episode as Doctor Who companion Bill Potts is still yet to air, the London-born actress is already moving onto different roles – and in an intriguing twist, her first new part is in an unusual new podcast drama called Adulting, which also stars Misfits’ Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Game of Thrones/Skins stars Joe Dempsie and Hannah Murray and Kathryn Wilder, probably best known for starring opposite Tom Hiddleston in a special RADA production of Hamlet.


Written by Eddie Robson (who has previously penned a number of Doctor Who books and audio plays), the multi-part audio drama follows a group of old friends who are reunited at a wedding after a dark event in their past previously forced them apart.

Five episodes of the drama are currently available to listen to on the Guardian website, and a synopsis for the first episode can be read below:

The first episode of Adulting, our audio drama series, starring Joe Dempsie (Game of Thrones), Pearl Mackie (Doctor Who), Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones), Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Misfits) and Kathryn Wilder (Ophelia in Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet).

To his surprise, Theo has been asked to be best man at his ex-girlfriend Becky’s wedding. He and his friends have hardly seen each other in the decade since graduation – and it’s all because of what happened at the end of that final year …


Daniel: Joe Dempsie

Charlotte: Pearl Mackie

Becky: Hannah Murray

Theo: Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Ashley: Kathryn Wilder

All in all, it sounds about as far from the Tardis as one can get – but if for the rest of her career Mackie keeps picking roles as varied and intriguing as she has so far, we’re all in for a treat in the years to come.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Christmas