Professor Brian Cox joins Episode 7 of The Radio Times Podcast – listen now

Professor Brian Cox speaks to Jane Garvey about politicians and their lack of scientific knowledge. Plus, Stephen Merchant discusses his upcoming comedy The Outlaws.


In this week’s episode of The Radio Times Podcast, Professor Brian Cox joins Jane Garvey and Rhianna Dhillon to discuss upcoming BBC Two docu-series Universe. Speaking candidly, he discusses why politicians should study science – “an acquaintance with being wrong is what you learn as a scientist,” he remarks – male-ego within the extra-terrestrial world and his yearning to see Earth from space.


Plus, Stephen Merchant speaks to Kelly-Anne Taylor about his upcoming BBC One comedy The Outlaws. Set in Bristol, the series follows seven strangers – from very different walks of life – as they come together to complete their Community Service sentences. Their luck changes when they find a bag stashed with cash within the community centre they’re helping to renovate.

Merchant discusses how he got Hollywood icon Christopher Walken on board the show (including eating an omelette with the actor and spending hours in silence), the inspiration behind the show and his own brush ins with the law.

What else can I expect from episode 7?

Jane Garvey and Rhianna Dhillon mark your cards for the week ahead. They discuss Sky Atlantic’s Scenes from a Marriage, which stars Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac, as well as ITV’s The Long Call based on the best-selling novel by Ann Cleeves.

When and where can I listen?


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