The iTunes Festival is back this September at Camden’s Roundhouse and the first eight acts have been announced, as follow:


* Queens of the Stone Age (September 6)

* Phoenix (September 7)

* Jake Bugg (September 10)

* Jack Johnson (September 16)

More like this

* 30 seconds to Mars (September 18)

* Primal Scream (September 20)

* Jessie J (September 23)

* Justin Timberlake (September 29)

We spy somewhat of a pattern there – what's with all the love for artists called something beginning with J? We’re almost sure it's a coincidence, but perhaps the Jonas Brothers should start warming up their vocals. And maybe Jamelia, Jay-Z, Janet Jackson (a double J! She should probably just get over there now), Janis Joplin… OK, we’ll stop now...

Lucky competition winners will get free tickets to the event, but you can catch the whole thing live or on demand on Apple devices and via iTunes. There’s set to be 60 acts in total, with Primal Scream promising, “We’re gonna levitate the Roundhouse, turn it into a flying saucer and blast off.”


Find out more at the iTunes Festival website