Harry Styles denies sexting Yvette Fielding

Former Blue Peter presenter claimed she was haunted by "disgusting" texts from One Direction heart-throb, sent during a Chinese meal

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One Direction dreamboat Harry Styles has become embroiled in his strangest romantic controversy yet: the nest-haired singer has been forced to deny sending former Blue Peter host Yvette Fielding “disgusting” text messages when he was only 16.


Fielding, interviewed by Woman magazine, said her son William was close friends with a pre-fame Styles and that the two boys were once in a band together. The relationship broke down, Fielding claimed, after she and her husband took Styles out for a Chinese meal – an occasion he ruined by bombarding her with randy electronic messages.

The 44-year-old said: “Harry was sending me disgusting texts from across the table. I can’t even repeat the words, they were so rude!”

Fielding – now better known for presenting Most Haunted, a programme based on the idea that ghosts are real – added: “He’s a Romeo, he’s very romantic. When there’s a love interest, Harry will go all out to get the girl. He’s totally obsessed. I think that’s what Simon Cowell saw in him, the cheeky chappie charm.”

Styles announced himself as a man with a healthy libido during the 2011 X Factor final, when he was seen lip-reading something unspeakable to winner Matt Cardle. Since then he has dated TV presenter Caroline Flack and singing superstar Taylor Swift – but on this occasion he says he is innocent.

A spokesperson for the What Makes You Beautiful hitmaker did not say that Styles had never texted Fielding, but did firmly dispute that the messages were filth: “Harry has never sent any rude or inappropriate texts to Yvette Fielding,” the representative said.


Styles and Fielding first met when he was 11 years old. “He did a sweeping bow and got down on his knees on the road, ” Fielding recalled. “I thought, ‘What a joker, we’ll get on well. When he came for tea, he loved pizza and chips. He called me his second mum.”