Brit Awards viewers wonder if the 1975 were ‘hacked’ – but it was all part of the act

Insults including "out of tune" and "bland monotone beats" flashed up on the screen


When the message “is this a joke?” flashed up during The 1975’s Brit Awards performance, followed by “unconvincing emo lyrics” and “terrible high-pitched vocals over soulless robo beats,” many viewers were left wondering: had the ITV broadcast been hacked?


Insults including “out of tune” and “bland monotone beats” popped up on screen in white type on a pink background as the band performed their hit The Sound.

Whoever these hackers were, they certainly had a good eye for graphic design.

But fans of the band did a collective eye-roll: duh, it was a nod to the band’s music video.

The quotes came from actual criticisms and reviews of their debut album, with the band hitting back by making them a part of their triumphant Brit Awards performance.


The 1975 capped off a great night by beating Little Mix to the title of Best British Group. Take that, critics!