A definitive ranking of S Club 7’s greatest hits

The band are Bringing It All Back on Children in Need tonight. S Club superfan Susanna Lazarus reminds us why there ain't no party like an S Club Party...

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1. Don’t Stop Movin’

The Record of the Year in 2001, this marvellous merging of Jo’s vocals and Bradley’s – well, it’s sort of rapping, isn’t it? – had dance floors across the land rocking out to that funky, funky beat.


2. Never Had a Dream Come True

Masters of the heartfelt weepie, S Club topped the charts once again with this charity ballad – a mainstay of wedding receptions ever since.

3. Bring It All Back

What life lessons have we not learned from Bring It All Back? “Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top.” It’s self-help in bubblegum pop format – what’s not to love?

4. Have You Ever

For an emotional punch in the gut, look no further than this ode to lost love. Tissues at the ready…

5. S Club Party

Where else can you find Paul getting down on the floor and Rachel doing her thing? Nowhere, because there ain’t no party like an S Club Party…

6. Natural

A rogue entry but a personal favourite with Rachel performing a rare lead vocal as the gang lark around on the beach acting all, well, natural.

7. Reach

Missed your train? Spilt your tea? Having a bad morning? A dose of Reach should sort you right out as the gang career around the desert on a honking great big rainbow-coloured bus.

8. Two in a Million

Not one for those riding solo, this love ballad mashes slushy lyrics with violin strings. A winning – if predictable – formula.

9. Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You

Demoting this track to a B-side on the band’s final single (see below) seems rather unjust for this catchy tune. In our opinion, it deserved so much more.

10. Say Goodbye

The seven now a six, S Club bid farewell to the pop scene in 2003 – yes, it’s really been that long – with one final bite at the ballad.

11. Alive

A return to those funky, funky roots saw Bradley wrestle the mic from Jo once again for another stab at the club classic. It’s a catch ditty but fails to hit the dizzy heights of Don’t Stop Movin’.

12. You’re My Number One

For those of us who dig the nineties, this video has it all – synchronised dance moves, flares, crop tops. Click play for one gigantic dose of nostalgia.

13. You

Stepford Wives meets Strictly Come Dancing appears to be the theme for this video – maybe that was why Paul quit the band just one month later? It’s tooth-achingly cheesy…


Don’t miss S Club 7 on Children in Need tonight at 10:35pm on BBC1