Dragons’ Den dog perfume and more wacky canine products

As doggy perfume makes its way onto Dragons’ Den, we scour the internet for other unusual products for our four-legged friends


The Dragons’ Den dragons see their fair share of interesting products, but this week, they’re faced with dog perfume.


There’s a dog for them to sniff and everything.

But the pitch doesn’t quite go to plan investment-wise. “I don’t actually like dogs smelling of anything other than natural dogs,” says Deborah Meaden. Which sounds a little bit like she once came across a pooch who’d spritzed himself with Lynx.

But anyway. The idea of dog perfume seemed like the perfect excuse to check out the weird and wonderful canine products that have made it to market…

A pimp dog chew

Well, this has got selfie written all over it hasn’t it?


via IWantOneOfThose

An edible greetings card for dogs

Makes sense I guess. For birthdays and, urm, anniversaries…


via dfordog

A dog birthday cake

To share with all his puppy pals?


via dfordog

Doggy door mat

For the literate dog in your life 


via furfeatherandfin

Pet Head de-tangle spray

Yep, hipster shampoo brand Bed Head has a pet version, too.

Strawberry yoghurt detangling spray anyone? 


via pethead

Dog treat launcher

Because actually throwing a treat is so 1999. 


via Amazon


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