Is this the best response to internet trolls ever?

“I get it, I’m fat and there is something poetic about a large woman in an apron spooning buttercream onto a cake and talking about how much she loves pies,” says Great British Bake Off star Claire


The Bake Off’s Claire Goodwin, this year’s first casualty of the tent, has found herself on the receiving end of negative comments from internet trolls. But in a hilarious and frank online blog, she’s given the internet what feels like the equivalent of a Paul Hollywood stare, wrapped up in a sweet Mary Berry flowery blazer. You don’t mess with one of those.


It started out well, Claire’s internet life. Well, there was the minor hiccup with deciding to use the Twitter handle @baketherapist. “The underscore, I was told frequently in my first few Twitter days, is my best friend” Claire the Bake Therapist jokes.

She was having fun, tweeting pictures of her food, what she was up to and joining in the endless hash tags: “#needtothinkofreallyfunnythingstoattempttogettrending”.

But then came the meanies. “I had heard of the trolls and keyboard warriors” Claire admits, “sitting in an anonymous room, projecting their misery and vitriol onto others […] the subject of the nastiness was of course my weight.”

Claire admits she was expecting some of it. “I think I always knew that there was going to be a focus at some point or other on the large – fat – woman making cakes and pies on the telly.

“So, yes, I get it, I’m fat and there is something poetic about a large woman in an apron spooning buttercream onto cake and talking about how much she loves pies. I don’t profess to be a healthy weight. I fully admit I’m greedy,” she adds.

And then, with a dollop of style, Claire hits the trolls with this final thought:

“One thing I do think about when I see these comments is how the authors are happy for people to perceive them this way. I know if I tweeted/wrote/said something as nasty as this (not that I would, I’d like to think I’m a little more human) my Mum and Dad and all of my family and friends would be so angry with me, and they would make me feel so very very ashamed. If we cannot as human beings monitor our own social conduct, then we must look to our companions to guide us. So maybe that is the answer.

“These so called trolls don’t have any significant social conduct to help them monitor their own behavior. No one cares enough or is close enough to guide them. I’d rather be fat.”

Take a bow, Claire. 


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