Emmerdale spoilers: Priya asks for an arranged marriage – Fiona Wade interview

The new mum decides that she's on the lookout for a husband in next week's episodes


Priya Sharma is to finally move on from David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden), but will surprise Rishi (Bhasker Patel) with her course of action. In next week’s episodes of Emmerdale, the new mum will tell her dad that she wants him to find a man who will care for her and daughter Amba. But will deciding on an arranged marriage turn out to be the best option?


“Priya doesn’t have time to go on loads of different dates and thinks that her father will be great at setting her up with someone,” explains actress Fiona Wade. “She sees it as the quickest and best way to find a family guy who will look after her and Amba. Priya is a romantic, but there’s a part of her that thinks love will come second now. Deep down, Priya needs love, but she’s in a situation where she wants it to happen quickly.”

And why does she feel that a husband will be a solution to her problems? “Well, she’s a traditional girl at heart. She has her wilder ways, but her family are traditional and she wants that for herself. She thinks that the only way she’ll get that is if she has an arranged marriage with someone who wants the same things.”

Next week’s big decision comes after Alicia (Natalie Anderson) is seen confronting Priya about her feelings for David, threatening to move away from the village if she continues to pursue him.

A furious Priya tells Rishi what Alicia has said and is thrown to realise that it’s not just her who thinks this. With the idea of a perfect family on her mind, an emotionally exhausted Priya persuades her dad to help her on a new quest for love – but asks him to keep it a secret between the two of them. Surely it’s a pact that’s likely to backfire and cause further problems?


“It is a soap so you never know what’s going to happen,” laughs Wade. “I’d love to see Priya happy, but nothing will ever be smooth sailing. There’s always going to be drama around her. Anything can happen.”