EastEnders: Shane Richie on Kat’s affair with Derek – “She’s attracted to danger”

"What she got from Alfie was the fairytale, what she wanted was the nightmare," says the actor. Plus, relive the moment when Kat named her lover


Last night, EastEnders fans were left slack-jawed with shock after Kat (Jessie Wallace) ended months of speculation by naming Derek (Jamie Foreman) as her mystery man. But why would Mrs Moon have had an affair with the Walford villain?


“We find out why later on. I think it’s because Derek is the total polar opposite of Alfie,” says Shane Richie, who plays Alfie. “She’s attracted to danger. Back in the day it was Andy Hunter. Alfie is anything but. You know exactly where Alfie is going to be the next day. You know Alfie’s going to love you in a year’s time. You know Alfie will do anything for you.

“Maybe it’s the reverse of that situation – keep ‘em mean to keep ‘em keen. Alfie doesn’t do that. He doesn’t buy into that. He believes in honesty. He believes in treating every woman like a princess. And that’s what he did with Kat. She’s used to danger, she’s used to excitement. What she got from Alfie was the fairytale, what she wanted was the nightmare.”

Speaking to the show’s official website, the actor also discloses that he’d have liked Kat’s lover to have been someone else entirely: “I’d love it to have been Patrick. He’s still got a few years to go yet!”

We do know, of course, that Alfie is set to seek solace in the arms of Roxy (Rita Simons) over the Christmas period. The pair look set to share a moment under the mistletoe before making plans to move in together. But all this does beg the question: is Alfie moving on too quickly? Says Richie of the situation:

“I think Roxy brings out the best in Alfie. I was kind of reluctant that would be straight in with Roxy, but I can see why he does it. He needs to be with someone. He needs someone he can be there for. He needs a shoulder to cry on.”


Relive the moment when Kat named Derek here: