The X Factor Christmas Gift Guide

Your ultimate guide to the best Christmas presents for fans of the television talent contest - go on, channel your inner Cowell...


1. X Factor live tour tickets


You’ve seen ’em on TV, now see ’em in the flesh. Get tickets to the X Factor‘s 2013 live tour and witness all of this year’s finalists performing live on stage at a venue near you.

From £50 Buy here


2. The Female Boss (Tulisa’s perfume)

Ever wanted to smell like an X Factor judge? Well now you can! Featuring top notes of spices blended with rose and jasmine supported by a rich sensual base of sandalwood, amber and moss, Tulisa’s signature fragrance is sure to make you (or that special someone) stand out in any social occasion.

£12.99 Buy here


3. X Factor Party Box karaoke machine

Think you can do better than the caterwauling showcased on The X Factor? OK, prove it. Get hold of one of these devices and you can turn your computer into a karaoke machine. Linked to a bespoke official X Factor karaoke website, this little gizmo will give you the chance to belt out up to 7,500 songs.

£18.99 Buy here


4. Top Trumps

No need to dust off the Monopoly set this Christmas – instead, why not get a deck of these X Factor Top Trumps cards in? Featuring iconic performers from the show, these X Factor Top Trumps will not only provide hours of fun – they’ll also help you decide once and for all who’s the best act ever to have appeared on the show.

£12.97 Buy here


5. Musical wine glasses

Combine your love of wine and music with these specially produced glasses, which feature musical notations corresponding with levels of liquid. Simply wet a finger, fill a few of these bad boys up to different levels and get ready to become a merlot-fuelled maestro!

£39.99 for two Buy here


6. Video game

Get ready to wow your Wii, party with your PlayStation or add some X Factor to your XBox with this sing-tastic video game.

£11.52 Wii Buy here

£7.93 XBox Buy here

£3.25 PS3 Buy here


7. Tulisa’s autobiography

Learn all about the feisty X Factor judge’s career in her autobiography. A moving, no-holds-barred account of her life, Honest traces Tulisa’s life from her beginnings on a tough London council estate to the present day.

£9.80 Buy here


8. X Factor masks

Turn your family into the X Factor judging panel this Christmas with these fun masks. Featuring likenesses of Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh, these are sure to be more fun to wear over the holidays than a paper hat.

£14.99 Buy here


9. Signed photo of Simon Cowell

Get your hands on a piece of television history with this signed photo of the X Factor mastermind. At 8×12″ and housed in a frame, this is a piece of X Factor memorabilia for the true connoisseur.

£195 Buy here


10. Rhinestone t-shirt

This dazzling rhinestone-covered T-shirt will add a touch of bling to the wardrobe of any dedicated X Factor fan.


£6.99 Buy here