“Cheap, tacky and over-promoted” – The Valleys gets a second series on MTV

Good news for fans and aspiring Welsh celebrities alike as the producers of the booze-fuelled reality show go in search of new cast members...


Charlotte Church called it an “exploitative and horrific representation of the country that I love” and it’s been labelled “dull, cheap, tacky and over-promoted” by Welsh MPs, but MTV’s Cymru-set reality series The Valleys must be doing something right (or very, very wrong) because it’s landed a second series.


The outrageous Cardiff-based show follows a group of heavy-drinking, clothes-shedding wannabe celebrities from rural Wales as they attempt to build media careers for themselves in the big smoke.

Kerry Taylor, MTV’s head of television, refuted claims that the series was damaging to the country’s image: “This is the story of nine people from that area,” she said. “It’s their individual stories, we never set out to paint a picture of everybody in that area. That’s never our intention and that’s absolutely not what we are doing.”

Along with the return of Nicole, Natalee, Chidgey, Liam, Leeroy, Jenna, Letysha, Carley and Aron, series two will introduce some new characters, with casting currently under way.

The Valleys “boss” Jordan – who, along with his colleague AK, mentors the hopefuls – described a place on the show as “the opportunity of a lifetime” and had some words of wisdom for anyone aspiring to join the original gang for round two.

“It’s going to take a lot more than hunger alone to cut it in Cardiff where there are all kinds of distractions,” he said. “Watch out as we’ll be upping the ante for series two and bringing in some new faces. It’s time to shape up or ship out!”

So if you’re Welsh, aged 18-26 and fancy being part of a show which featured “girl-on-girl snogging, blow jobs on ice lollies and urination in the shower” during its very first episode, you can apply here. Stardom (or at least fleeting notoriety) beckons.

And for those who just like to watch, the second series of The Valleys will debut on MTV in spring 2013. Rydych wedi cael eich rhybuddio*.


*You have been warned.