Soap pick of the day: Coronation Street – Kirsty takes gruesome revenge on Fiz

A horrible injury at work lands the machinist in A&E


We’ve seen Kirsty beat Tyrone and we’ve seen her threaten Tina, but tonight the Omen of Weatherfield blots her copybook even further by deliberately injuring Fiz. Her weapon of choice? A faulty sewing machine that Fiz believes has been turned off at the mains by Julie. 


Little does she realise that Kirsty has flicked the switch back to the ‘On’ position and it isn’t long before the machine has sparked back to life with the needle going right through Fiz’s finger. 

Kirsty takes control and points out that Julie must have mistakenly switched off the wrong machine. She then takes Fiz to hospital but, once at A&E, the caring façade drops and Kirsty makes it clear that she’s responsible for her injuries and if Fiz doesn’t keep clear of Tyrone, then the situation will only worsen. 


Coronation Street can be seen at 7.30pm on ITV1