Emmerdale 40th anniversary week – spoiler pics and preview

Wedding dresses, pregnancy pains and fistfights... see all the latest photos here


It’s all kicking off this week – births, marriages…even a death. So if you want a preview as to what’s in store, then read on… 


First of all, we have Carl’s obsession with Chas. And we hear about it direct from the man himself: “Me and you are never going away”. He is, of course, laying it all on the line in the hope Chas will run away with him. But is she convinced? 

Nah – of course not. Desperately trying to keep her nerves in check, she convinces Carl that she’s going to give them another shot, when all the time she wants to get as far away from the village as possible with Dan in tow. 

With the pressure mounting, Chas asks Katie is she and Dan can get married first, but a slanging match erupts. The result is that the joint reception is off.

Megan, meanwhile, discovers that Declan has betrayed her and barrels over to the wedding to have it out with him. How she keeps her fascinator in place while speeding in her open-top Audi is anyone’s guess. 

“If you think you’re going to get away with it, you’re delusional!” she yells.


Onto the births, then. First there’s Gennie going into labour:


Followed swiftly by Debbie. “There’s been a slight change of plan,” says Debbie, leaving a message on Cameron’s voicemail. Cain is far more direct: “Get your arse back here! She’s having contractions!”


Back at the church and it’s Chas and Dan preparing to exchange vows.


Only Carl is determined to put a stop to it all. “She’s in there marrying the village idiot,” goads Jimmy, who’s mad with his brother for putting the house he lives in on the market and for selling his shares in the business to Charity. 

A fistfight ensues, in which Jimmy finds time to tell Carl: “All you know how to do is destroy.”


So who will be making a permanent exit? Will Debbie give birth and provide Sarah with her saviour sibling? And can Chas avoid exposure? 


All will be answered in answered in the 40th anniversary week, beginning Monday 15 October on ITV1