• 12A
  • Cristi Puiu (2010)
  • Rom / Fr / Swi / Ger (SUB)
  • 183 min
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4 out of 5

The second of Cristi Puiu's proposed "Six Stories from the Outskirts of Bucharest" - the first was The Death of Mr Lazarescu in 2005 - is a rigorous study of a man's daily life that also doubles as a gripping thriller, as the director also stars as a motiveless killer awaiting his moment to strike. Angry at the world after losing his job, Puiu's middle-aged Viorel endures fractious encounters with his mother, a neighbour whose leaky plumbing has damaged his ceiling, some decorators and shop assistants at a downtown boutique. But his special ire is reserved for others and Puiu depicts the dispensing of twisted justice with a ruthless efficiency that is all the more chilling for its detachment. Despite Viorel Sergovici's camera being kept at a discreet distance, this feels like a relentless intrusion into private pain with Puiu's hangdog performance reflecting the disillusion with changes that have simply inflicted an alternative misery upon Romania's long-suffering citizens.

Cast and crew


Viorel Ghenghea
Cristi Puiu
Gina Filip
Clara Voda
Valeria Seciu
Mrs Rodica Livinski
Catrinel Dumitrescu
Luminita Gheorghiu


Cristi Puiu

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Romanian +subtitles
Theatrical distributor: 
New Wave Pictures
Violence, brief nudity.
Available on DVD
Released 9 Nov 2012