Sir Patrick Moore: Astronomer, Broadcaster and Eccentric

Radio Times
Review by:
Patrick Mulkern

TV legend, true British eccentric, curmudgeon with unpalatable views about women and race, but above all a respected astronomer, who met every person who’d ever gone into space — this was Sir Patrick Moore, who died last month aged 89. He’d fronted The Sky at Night since 1957, even if in recent years he’d been more of a benign presence on the sidelines.

About this programme

A reflection on the life of Patrick Moore, who died in December, focusing on his work as an astronomer and broadcaster. He hosted the BBC programme The Sky at Night from its first airing in April 1957, and his keen interest in the stars inspired generations of enthusiasts. With contributions from Brian May, Tim Rice and Heather Couper.

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Brian May
Tim Rice
Heather Couper