World Athletics Championships 2019 Day 7 timetable: Events and TV schedule on Thursday 3rd October brings you the timetable for Day 7 of the World Athletics Championships – including a pick of the day from BBC expert Colin Jackson

Katarina Johnson-Thompson

The Decathlon and Heptathlon draw to a climax on Day 7 as the World Athletics Championships heat up.


Nestled in between the multi-talented stars are further terrific solo events including the Women’s 400m. brings you the full timetable for Day 7 of the World Athletics Championships – plus Colin Jackson’s tips on who to look out for.

Colin Jackson’s Pick of the Day

Two-time World Athletics Championship gold medalist Colin Jackson brings you his highlights of Day 7 – live on BBC.

Women’s 400m is in there with Shaunae Miller-Uibo. Her Majesty Shaunae!

“She trains with Noah Lyles and they’re very similar in their approach, she’s had a very strong season already, and the 400m is her favourite event. She’s just looking forwarxd to being a clear winner again.

“She’s effortless, easy-on-the-eye and people will just think: ‘Are you actually running that quick?’ because she doesn’t look it, but she’s the one who will draw attention.

“There’ll be a lot of people relieved Shaunae is only running in the 400m and not trying the double (with the 200m) this time around.

“Salwa Eid Naser will run hard, go out well, probably the second best in the world but Shaunae has got more than enough to take this title well.”

Colin Jackson

World Athletics Championships 2019 timetable – Day 7

All UK time

BBC2 (from 1:45pm)

2:35pm – 110m Hurdles Decathlon (Men)

2:40pm – Triple Jump (Women – Qualification)

3:30pm – Discus Throw Decathlon (Men – Group A)

4:15pm – Long Jump Heptathlon (Women)

4:35pm – Discus Throw Decathlon (Men – Group B)

5:05pm – Pole Vault Decathlon (Men – Group A)

5:20pm – Shot Put (Men – Qualification Group A)

6:05pm – Pole Vault Decathlon (Men – Group B)

6:10pm – Javelin Throw Heptathlon (Women)

6:40pm – Shot Put (Men – Qualification Group B)

8:00pm – 1500m (Men – Heats)

8:05pm – Javelin Throw Decathlon (Men – Group A)

8:35pm – Shot Put (Women – Final)

9:00pm – 1500m (Women – Semi-Final)

9:10pm – Javelin Throw Decathlon (Men – Group B)

9:50pm – 400m (Women – Final)

10:05pm – 800m Heptathlon (Women)


10:25pm – 1500m Decathlon (Men)