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Neighbours' Toadie, Dee and Andrea - timeline of their complex history

And what a story it has been...

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Published: Wednesday, 24th June 2020 at 6:34 pm

Here at, we like to provide you with as much background as possible, and when it comes to one particular Neighbours story, that isn't an easy feat.


It's nigh on impossible to condense the incredibly complex twists and turns in Dee, Andrea and Toadie's history.

But, we've gone all the way back to 2000, when things got really tricky and made a very helpful timeline to keep you in the loop with the Erinsborough trio. Brace yourselves - it's a bumpy ride.

February 2000: Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) meets Dione "Dee" Bliss (Madeleine West) in a club alongside friend Joel Samuels (Daniel McPherson). Pretending to be a footballer and his agent to impress them, the ruse does not last long. She ends up dating Joel for a spell.

July 2002: During a power cut, a game of truth and dare at The Coffee Shop leads to Toadie planting a passionate kiss on his housemate, Dee, in front of their friends. Their relationship begins.

June 2003: Despite some ups and downs over the course of their relationship. Toadie and Dee remain very much in love at this point and she is delighted to say yes when he proposes.

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July 2003: Toadie and Dee marry in a joyful ceremony surrounded by their friends and family. Unfortunately, happily ever after is only a few hours for the couple when Toadie accidentally drives his car off of a cliff whilst kissing Dee and her body is not found. Dee is later declared dead and Toadie is forced to move on with his life without her.

August 2009: Toadie had numerous relationships following Dee's death, but it was 2009 when he first met Sonya Mitchell (Eve Morey) and eventually, after more than one hurdle, the two became a couple.

November 2012: After some advice from old friend Connor O'Neill (Patrick Harvey), Toadie proposes to Sonya and she accepts- much to the delight of their son Callum (Morgan Baker).

March 2013: Toadie and Sonya marry in a beautiful ceremony that is marred somewhat by an explosion that gives her temporary amnesia and kills two of their neighbours.


November 2016: Sonya offers herself as a surrogate for Steph Scully (Carla Bonner) and Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor). Toadie agrees to it but is clearly feeling uneasy.

December 2016: Stonefish Rebecchi (Anthony Engleman) stuns his brother when he shows Toadie a picture he took of a woman that looks exactly like the long-dead Dee.

January 2017: Here's where things start to get complicated. Dee arrives in Erinsborough and stuns Toadie and Sonya by turning up on their doorstep unannounced. Toadie believes her outlandish version of events to explain her disappearance but Sonya, as well as Mark, remain unconvinced. She soon introduces Willow (Mieke Billing-Smith) and claims she is Toadie's daughter.

February 2017: Viewers learn that Dee is not actually Dee at all. Her real name is Andrea Somers, Willow is not actually his daughter and she is using her uncanny likeness to Dee to try and get money left behind after Dee's parents died. The plans change, however, when she learns that the money is now all gone and she turns her attention to trying to scam money out of an unsuspecting Toadie. Willow begins to question allowing her mother to con the Rebecchis.

neighbours toadie andrea

March 2017: Andrea flees with Toadie and Sonya's savings and Toadie discovers she and Willow are in London and flies over to find them. Sonya is currently pregnant with Mark and Steph's baby and friction between she and Toadie is getting worse. Toadie ends up sleeping with "Dee" when he assumes Sonya and Mark spent the night together and in a classic soap moment, Sonya watches it happen over Skype. Toadie learns Andrea is an imposter and she once again flees with Willow. Sonya loses the baby shortly afterwards and her and Toadie separate.

August 2017: Toadie and Sonya begin to work on reconciling following their separation and her problems with alcohol that returned in the wake of all that happened. Somewhere else in Australia, a woman sits on a bench next to an unknown man. But is she Andrea, or could Dee be alive after all?

December 2017: Toadie and Sonya put the past behind them and remarry in front of friends and family. Willow, who had already been back to Erinsborough and made peace with the Rebecchi's after disowning her mum, is in attendance. Nobody realises that Andrea also returns to town and watches the end of the ceremony from afar.

June 2018: Sindi Watts (Marisa Warrington), Toadie's ex-girlfriend and the person who helped Andrea with her scam, arrives back on Ramsay Street with a baby, Hugo. She reveals that Hugo is Toadie's from his one night stand with Andrea and Sonya reluctantly agrees to let the baby live with them. The three, alongside little Nell, do eventually become a solid family unit.

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July 2018: With some help from Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), Sonya tracks Andrea down at the psyche ward of a hospital and pays her a visit to discuss Hugo. Andrea claims she has no memory of what she has done but Sonya remains unconvinced. She keeps the visit a secret from Toadie but it is not long before he finds out. They both return to see her with Willow in tow, but Andrea says she does not know her daughter. She later tries to convince Toadie that she is Dee but it is clear, to viewers at least, that this is just another scheme.

October 2018: Needing help raising the children. Toadie and Sonya hire nanny Alice to move in with them and help them out around the house. Only Alice is not Alice at all. Her real name is Heather Schilling (Kerry Armstrong) and she is Andrea's mother - and she is just as crazed as her daughter. It is revealed that she is working with Andrea to try and get rid of Sonya so they can all be together as a family.

December 2018: After successfully embedding herself at number 30, Heather gradually wears Sonya down by drugging her and causing Toadie to doubt her. Eventually, she goes ahead with the final part of the devilish scheme, poisoning Sonya and leaving her alone by the side of the road to die. She is eventually found and rushed to hospital where she makes a full recovery- but the worst is yet to come. As for Heather, knowing the game is up, she flees Erinsborough and tells Andrea the bad news - but they both indicate that there is more to what they know than they are telling.

January 2019: Sonya collapses and is rushed to the hospital. She and Toadie are given the devastating news that she has stage four ovarian cancer and despite her determination to fight it, the chances are not good. It turns out that the poison Heather gave her hid the signs when she was admitted previously.

Neighbours, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

March 2019: An extremely fragile Sonya visits Andrea one last time and is told about the mysterious Karen, another woman who is mean to look exactly like Dee and Andrea. Despite her knowing Andrea is not to be trusted, she tells Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) whats she knows. Soon after, Neighbours aired one of its most heartwrenching episodes to date as Sonya passed away at the beach next to Toadie as they sat watching their children play.

May 2019: Having been told that the real Dee may be alive, Shane and Dipi (Sharon Johal) make contact with Andrea, who quickly heads to Erinsborough to be greeted by a furious Toadie who refuses to believe any more of her lies.

June 2019: As Andrea tries to make a life for herself near Hugo and Willow, a spanner is thrown in the works when she discovers Heather, currently wanted by the police, is also back. Andrea orders her to stay out of the way and keep her return a secret- even from Willow.

July 2019: Having tracked down someone who knows Karen, Heather heads off to find him- closely followed by Andrea. Arranging a meeting, Andrea and the real Dee come face to face on a clifftop and end up in a scuffle with Dee tumbling over the edge. She survives and is taken in by an increasingly unstable Heather. Using this to her advantage, she tricks Heather into thinking she is Andrea and the two head to Ramsay Street. Toadie is then speechless when he ends up with two identical women in his house but Dee's injury from the crash and information only she could know tips the scales. With some help from Willow. both Andrea and Heather are arrested and sent to prison.

dee andrea neighbours

Toadie then finally learns the truth about what happened in 2003. Dee and her adoptive sister, Cecile, had been targeted by a criminal gang when they suspected they had information on them. It later turned out that it was Andrea they were after. Tampering with the car, they intended to kill Dee, but a man from inside the gang refused to let it happen. Following Toadie and Dee as they drove away from the wedding venue, he was there to witness the crash and pulled Dee to safety. They, along with sister Cecile who was eventually killed, then ended up living in hiding and by the time Dee felt safe enough to return, Toadie was already happily settled down with Sonya.

In yet another twist, Dee finds out that Heather is her mother and Andrea is her sister. Heather had no idea she had given birth to two children thanks to a nun who smuggled one of the babies away for fear Heather could not look after them both. That baby, Dee, was given to the Bliss family.

August 2019: Dee has cut ties with Heather and Andrea and made plans to stay on in Erinsborough, But a kiss between her and Toadie makes them both realise that things are moving too fast and they part ways again as friends when she leaves town.

April 2020: Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) is sent to prison for killing Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) and she soon finds that Andrea has taken an interest in her. Elly agrees to Andrea's request to ask Toadie if he could reach out to Dee to get her to visit. Dee quickly returns and despite Toadie making it clear he thinks it is a bad idea, Dee does go to meet her sister who claims she is sorry for all she has done and just wants to get to know her.

8155 15 - Heather (Kerry Armstrong) is a broken woman in Prison, struggling to remember the details of Andrea's birth 1_EMBARGO_15_JUL_

May 2020: Happy to be back in each other's lives, Toadie and Dee kiss and then officially rekindle their relationship. Elly tells Toadie and Dee that Andrea has more plans for Hugo than the photo she initially asked for and Dee is devastated to have fallen for Andrea's lies. When Dee and Andrea meet again, she shows her true colours and Dee realises that there is little chance of her being redeemed. Before she leaves the prison, she spots Heather who has just been released from the psych ward. Despite assurances that Heather is not the same person as she was when he last saw her, Toadie struggles to accept Dee having a relationship with her and he crosses a line by visiting Heather himself to warn her off. Cracks then begin to show in his rekindled relationship with Dee.

June 2020: Problems worsen between Toadie and Dee when she continues to see Heather and the two realise that there are too many obstacles in the way for their relationship to work. Struggling to cope with the breakup, Dee continues to invest in building a relationship with her mother while beginning to consider searching for information on her father- who she learns was called Peter Wilson.

July 2020: Andrea proves she will never change as she takes advantage of a dodgy prison guard and sees to it that Dee is drugged while visiting Heather. A quick swap of clothes and a change of hair colour later and Andrea is on the outside while Dee wakes up in a prison jumpsuit. While Dee's scar gets her out fairly quickly, the alarm is not raised fast enough and a devastated Toadie soon finds out that Andrea has taken Hugo. But while Andrea may be unwilling to change, Heather steps up and betrays Andrea in order to get Hugo back and then watches as her furious daughter is hauled back to jail.

While Toadie begrudgingly thanks Heather, the damage is done for he and Dee and Toadie is adamant that he blames her for Hugo being taken. He also has one, presumably, tense and final meeting with Heather with a prison transfer set up for her to leave Erinsborough for good. As for Dee, Toadie learns that her real father is dying in Alaska and when she hears, she makes plans to go and meet him. Toadie and Dee do make amends before she leaves but it is clear that a relationship will never work between them now and so, after one last trip to see Andrea, she has a Ramsay Street farewell and leaves the country.

Will she be back? Well if this story has taught us anything, it's that we should never try to predict what will happen next.


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