Neighbours star Richie Morris talks upcoming feud between Levi and Kyle

It's Canning vs Canning...

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There is a medical emergency on the way in Neighbours as Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) tucks into one of Kyle Canning’s (Chris Milligan) accidentally poisoned pies and winds up critically ill in the hospital with her organs failing.


When the truth emerges that Kyle and Roxy are to blame, Levi (Richie Morris) finds his morals and concerns for Bea outweigh his loyalty to his cousin and he reports him to the council which could lead to Kyle losing everything.

Richie has been talking to about the story and what we can expect from the story which will likely lead to a longterm family feud.

On whether Richie was excited to take on a storyline that will see Levi fall out with Kyle, he admitted to having mixed emotions about it. “Yes and no. I was really excited to for Levi and Kyle to have a clash, that always makes good television, and exploring that part of the relationship is always fun. But I was really enjoying the jokes I had with Chris Milligan on set and playing that kind of playful relationship so it was good to explore something new between them, but it was sad to say goodbye to their playful side for the time being.”

And it seems that Bea’s condition will make Levi realise just how much she means to him, saying that it “really puts his feelings for Bea into perspective and realise this is a relationship he really wants to pursue”.

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But turning in family is a big deal and Richie admits that the decision to report Kyle to the council is not one that Levi came to easily. “Honestly, he’s in 100 minds as obviously he’s a cop and it needs to be done, but he doesn’t want to backstab his family. He has to protect the public’s health as well so its a bunch of things. Levi is very much black and white and struggles to see the grey. It’s an interesting family for him to be in.”

And with anything that happens with the Canning clan, Sheila (Colette Mann) does not stay quiet for long. “She does what Sheila usually does and is trying to show the family that she loves everyone in a way that only Sheila knows how.”

Whatever happens, this could be a feud that runs for a while but Richie thinks they are such a close-knit family that they will pull through. “I don’t think issues are ever fully dealt with on Ramsay Street, to be honest, but families fight, they make up and they fight again so I think this is going to be a bit of a rollercoaster.”

Richie is about to reach his first year anniversary of being part of the Neighbours cast and he tells us that he is still loving it. “It’s honestly the greatest experience that I have had and it’s such an honour to be on this show. I think it would be great to explore more of Levi’s past, parents and siblings and all that so we get a better of understanding of him and Frankston, where he came from” he added of his hopes for the character in 2021.


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