It hasn't been a happy time for Pierce Greyson and Chloe Brennan (Tim Robards and April Rose Pengilly) in Neighbours as the couple are dealing with the loss of their recently-conceived baby, with the devastating news coming shortly learning that the child did not display any signs of having Huntingdon's disease.


The couple, who have regularly struggled to be on the same page throughout their relationship and this latest blow only serves to drive a further wedge between them.

Speaking exclusively to, Tim fills us in on how Pierce copes with the loss, what it was like for him to film a storyline like its while being an expectant father himself, and what led to him leaving the role so abruptly.

"I only had a little bit to go but with the introduction of the stricter rules and things, it was just getting too close to when my baby was due and I didn't want to risk not being there for that," Tim explained about his rushed departure, adding that he left the role while the cast was on a production break so he wasn't aware he had filmed his final scene on the show when he returned to Sydney.

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"If there was ever an emergency leading up to it, well it was just too close" he added. "Normal times you could only be 24 hours away from anywhere in the world, you could just jump on a plane, but not now. I'd been away for so long, most of the pregnancy I'd been absent and you weigh up what's more important to you and the reasons. It's crazy times at the moment."

With a baby on the way himself, the storyline was one that was challenging for Tim to be involved in. "That was a hard one to film all of that, going into those emotions as a father to be, when I haven't seen my wife for weeks. Having to go through a miscarriage story when I can't go home to my wife, and to make sure everything is OK - it was a tough time personally."

It is a viewpoint that both Tim and his character share, with Pierce struggling in the wake of the heartbreaking news. Not only that, but Pierce's marriage to Chloe begins to strain as a result. "Pierce really wanted this baby and Chloe was pretty heartbroken. Even leading up to that she was confiding in Nicolette and talking to her and Pierce was seeing that; it really highlighted some issues in Chloe and Pierce's relationship."

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"When you've got cracks in your marriage you're going to struggle even more in those circumstances and instead of working together, they were working further apart."

Another wrinkle in the marriage has been Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) who has been interfering in their relationship - and has recently revealed she is in love with Chloe, something that Pierce is currently unaware of. "Pierce found out she was with Nicolette when she lost the baby, against what Pierce's recommendations were, so there is blame and all those things coming out."

"Pierce feels like he is left behind and not being considered- while trying to be the rock. Nobody is asking how he feels and all the loss and grief, he's holding that in and it eventually explodes."


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