Neighbours’ Bonnie Anderson wants Bea’s dad to be introduced

"It would be cool to explore that," says the star

Neighbours Bea

Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson) will soon be left with one less relative on Ramsay Street when big sister Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) leaves Neighbours in what is promised to be a dramatic exit storyline.


Though the musical mechanic still has Auntie Susan and Uncle Karl Kennedy, there’s one relative we’re yet to meet that the actress is keen to introduce so we can explore her character’s backstory – Bea’s long-lost father.

“We have never met her dad,” Anderson told in an exclusive interview. “He is out there somewhere – he’s this Swedish guy, I believe his name is Lars. I’m not sure if I look Swedish but there you go!”

Fans know the mysterious Lars had a tumultuous relationship with Bea’s flighty mum Liz that ended far from amicably. Liz then turned on her offspring as she was a painful reminder of her ex, causing damage to the mother/daughter dynamic that is still healing many years later.

Bringing daddy dearest into the already-fractured family has the potential to bring shedloads of drama for troubled Bea, who’s feud with her mum was so bad she ended up leaving home in her teens and living on the streets.

What really went on between Liz and Lars? Anderson – and no doubt many viewers – would love to know…

neighbours bea nilssen Elly conway

“It would be cool to explore that part of her past, I’d love it,” continues Anderson, who has been in Neighbours since 2018. “Although there are no plans yet. Hopefully Liz will return at some point, she comes in and out and I love working with Debra Lawrance who plays her. Liz always mucks things up for the family!

“There is still lots more for Bea to do after Elly leaves, though that will be very sad – for Bea and for Bonnie, as Jodi is like a real-life sister to me.”

Elly is currently under suspicion of murdering evil ex Finn Kelly, who Bea also had a rocky romance with. Despite the betrayal and Finn’s manipulations, the sisters have put the past behind them, but the dramatic plot has paved the way for Elly’s departure which airs in the coming months – and is a closely-guarded secret.

“Elly’s exit is very emotional,” teases Anderson. “The reason why she leaves is because its whats best for her and baby Aster. But that’s all I can tell you for now!”


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